Lifetime Capital Group is an independent, fee-only advisory firm that assists families and individuals considering or already in retirement. Baby Boomers, in particular, come to us for advice. We help make the retirement you dream of come true.


Retirement – Being Prepared Can Make All the Difference.

How much do you need? How long with it last? What do you want to do with all of your time? How much do you want to leave to children, grandchildren or charities?

When it comes to retirement savings and planning, many Boomers are unclear about where they are, what they need to do next, or uncertain if they can retire at all. Too often, they put off any planning, hoping everything will work out which it might, but then again, it might not. And, for sure, no one wants to outlive their money. That’s why it is important to find someone who can answer your questions, help you plan for, and actually see you through retirement. This may be the most important decision you will ever make!

Rick RaybinHi, I’m Rick Raybin. I help Baby Boomers retire comfortably, securely and confidently by working with me — rather than figuring it out on their own.

My clients have been able to gain greater clarity about their future, better understand their options, and gain a deeper understanding of the impact that their choices will make. Together we implement a comprehensive program to ensure success in the next phase of their life. We can do this for you – with practical guidance and clear next steps.

Whether you are getting ready to retire or are already enjoying this next phase of your life, let us help you make sure you have what you need.



The main benefit of working with Lifetime Capital is having a financial advocate and confidante committed to helping you gain certainty and peace of mind that you are on track to retire the way you really want to and that you have a workable strategy to put your plan into action. You will get the benefit of having an experienced professional, not a stock broker or a “robo” expert, guide you in the right direction towards reaching your financial life goals while maintaining family peace and harmony.

You will find that working with me, you will essentially be taking your emotions out of the financial planning game, which has been shown over and over to improve overall long-term performance.

And, you will benefit from reduced worry and less stress.

Lifetime Capital Uniqueness

We are different in a number of ways:


Lifetime Capital Group’s services are very well suited to Baby Boomers needing assistance with their financial future.


You get a trained professional working with you and won’t get passed off to another advisor after you agree to work with me.