Who Are Our Clients?

  • Baby Boomers (1946-1964 birthdays)
  • Those already retired or who want to retire within 10 years or less
  • Those who Respect and value professional advice
  • Those seeking a partnership with a financial professional
  • Those who value working in a one on one, collaborative environment

A Good Fit

Those who are a good fit for Lifetime Capital Group are Baby Boomers who have done well but are a little unsure about the next phase of their life. They want to work with a professional who can help them:

  • Let go of the day to day control and responsibilities they’ve had to deal with all of their working life
  • Stay on track and maintain their financial plans
  • Continue to guide their family should something happen to them

Three Main Concerns

Typically the main areas that concern most people reaching retirement include:

Income Planning
You want a steady income stream that provides for you and your family for the rest of your life. How do you successfully go about doing this?

Investment Planning
You want your assets to be invested and structured to continue to grow and generate the income you need.  How do you successfully go about doing this?

Estate Planning
You want to make sure your estate is up to date and in proper order. How do you successfully go about doing this?

Common Questions

A few questions that we routinely answer, include:

  • How rising inflation might affect your ability to afford things you currently buy and may want or need in the future.
  • When to take social security to maximize your lifetime benefits.
  • If your portfolio is properly structured to meet your long-term goals.
  • If the people currently helping you with your finances are the best qualified to help you prepare for retirement.

Where to Next?

Find out more about the services we offer at How We Can Help.